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Property Crimes

The following are property crimes under Ohio law. Arson occurs when an individual knowingly causes a risk of physical harm through fire or explosion to the property of another without their consent, the property of the offender or another with the purpose to defraud, any public building or structure, any park, preserve, woods, or land. Arson is punishable as a first-degree misdemeanor or a fifth, fourth, or third-degree felony. Burglary takes place when a person, through force, stealth, or deception, tresspasses in an occupied structure, when another is present, with the intention of committing a criminal offense in the structure; when a person tresspasses in an occupied structure that is a residence when another is present to commit any criminal offence in the residence; when a person tresspasses in an occupied structure with the intent to commit any criminal offence in the structure; when a person tresspasses in a habitation when any person is present or likely to be present. Burglary is punishable as a fourth, third, second, or first-degree felony. Robbery occurs when an individual, while fleeing, committing, or attempting to commit a theft offence, possessing a deadly weapon on them or under their control, inflicts, attempts, or threatens to inflict physical harm on another person or uses or threatens the immediate use of force against another person. Robbery is punishable as a third, second, or first-degree felony. Breaking and entering takes place when an individual tresspasses into an unoccupied structure with the purpose of committing any theft or felony offense inside or if they trespass on the land or premises of another with the purpose of committing a felony. Breaking and entering is punishable as a felony of the fifth degree. Criminal trespass occurs when a person, without the privilege to do so, knowingly enters or remains on the land or premises of another; knowingly enters or remains on the premises of another that is lawfully restricted to certain persons or hours; when a person recklessly enters or remains on the premises of another to which notice against unauthorized access is given through communication to the offender or through a posting or fencing designed to restrict access; when a person refuses to leave after being asked to do so by signage or by the owner or occupant of the premises. Criminal trespass is a fourth degree misdemeanor. Being accused of a property crime is serious, and it can be hard to know what next steps to take. Don’t wait to call a knowledgeable criminal defence attorney. Attorney Sarah Anjum will help you fight your accusations to get the best possible results, and you will rest easy knowing that you’re in the best possible hands. Give us a call today.

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"Sarah is amazing. She is focused and does what she needs to for her clients. Sarah represented me for a minor traffic ticket for forgetting to register my truck as it was a lease. After explaining my situation to the prosecutor, the charge was dismissed." Cheyenne
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