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Murder and Violent Crimes

Accusations of murder or a violent crime are as serious as they are frightening. Under Ohio law, murder and violent crimes are divided into many different categories. Murder occurs when someone causes the death of another, including the unlawful termination of another’s pregnancy. Aggrivated murder refers to when one purposely, with prior planning, causes the death of another, or terminates another’s pregnancy unlawfully. Voluntary manslaughter, a first degree felony, takes place when someone under the influence of a sudden strong emotion or a fit of rage knowingly causes the death of another, even if provoked by the victim. Involuntary manslaughter transpires when one causes the death of another as a result of the offender’s committing or attempting to commit a felony. Under these circumstances, the involuntary manslaughter is a first degree felony. If one causes the death of another while committing or attempting to commit a misdemeanor, regulatory offence, or a minor misdemeanor, the involuntary manslaughter is a felony of the third degree. Reckless homicide, a third degree felony, occurs when someone causes the death of another due to recklessness. Negligent homicide, a first degree misdemeanor, takes place when someone negligently causes the death of another through the use of deadly weapons or dangerous ordnance. Aggravated vehicular homicide occurs when a person operating a motor vehicle causes the death of another, recklessly or as a proximate result of committing a reckless operation offence within a construction zone. Have you or a loved one been accused of murder or another violent crime? It’s vital not to wait to take action. Attorney Sarah Anjum will fight on your behalf, creating the best possible defense against your accusations.The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin working to get your charges dismissed or greatly reduced. Call us today for a free phone consultation.

Client Reviews
"Sarah was very easy to work with and listened to my concerns with my case. She definitely knows her stuff and if she has questions and unsure about something she seeks other attorneys opinion to make sure she’s not missing anything. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!" Tiffany S.
"Sarah is amazing. She is focused and does what she needs to for her clients. Sarah represented me for a minor traffic ticket for forgetting to register my truck as it was a lease. After explaining my situation to the prosecutor, the charge was dismissed." Cheyenne
"Miss Anjum did an excellent job for me. Showed me true compassion and concern for my legal issues. Highly impressed." Laura
"Sarah has been a shining light during a very difficult situation! Amazing attorney! Definitely a force to be reckoned with! Thank you for all that you do!" Kimberly B.
"Sarah is a great Attorney and has amazing communication. Throughout my process she has been very professional. If you are looking for an Attorney she is the one!" Katrina B.