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Drug Crimes

Under Ohio law, drug crimes can range from misdemeanors with light sentences to felonies with very harsh sentences. Felony convictions can result in prison sentences, driver’s license suspension, loss of the right to vote, and an inability to obtain professional work. Chapter 2925 of the Ohio Revised Code regulates all state drug charges. Possession of controlled substances occurs when a person knowingly obtains, posessess, or uses a controlled substance. If the controlled substance is more serious, under schedule I or schedule II, it is considered Aggravated possession of drugs. Depending on whether the offense occurred near minors or school property, Possession of Controlled Substances can be a first-degree misdemeanor, or a fifth, fourth, third, second, or first-degree felony. Possession of paraphernalia/ drug abuse instruments occurs when a person knowingly makes, obtains, possesses, or uses any instrument that is intended to use or administer a controlled substance, and it has been used by the offender. Examples include hypodermics, syringes, papers, needles, spoons, razors, etc. Possession of Paraphernalia or Drug Abuse Instruments can be a first or second-degree misdemeanor. Trafficking in drugs is defined as the sale, shipment, transportation, distribution, or delivery of any controlled substance. This offence can be a fifth, fourth, third, second or first-degree felony. If the offence involves especially serious controlled substances, in Schedule I or II, it is considered Aggravated trafficking in drugs. Illegal manufacture of drugs occurs when one engages in any part of production of a controlled substance. This offense can be a third, second, or first-degree felony. Illegal possession of marihuana drug paraphernalia occurs when a person knowingly uses or possesses with the purpose to use any drug paraphernalia that is equipment used for storing, containing, concealing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing marihuana into the human body. Have you or someone you know been accused of a drug crime? Don’t wait to take action against this severe accusation. To fight your case, you will need an experienced, knowledgeable advocate at your side in order to obtain the best possible results. Attorney Sarah Anjum will aggressively defend you in court to get the results you need. Call today.

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"Sarah was very easy to work with and listened to my concerns with my case. She definitely knows her stuff and if she has questions and unsure about something she seeks other attorneys opinion to make sure she’s not missing anything. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!" Tiffany S.
"Sarah is amazing. She is focused and does what she needs to for her clients. Sarah represented me for a minor traffic ticket for forgetting to register my truck as it was a lease. After explaining my situation to the prosecutor, the charge was dismissed." Cheyenne
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