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Sarah R. Anjum is a passionate Toledo criminal defense attorney who strives to lead our legal community to a higher standard of criminal representation. Her unique triadic approach to every case is what distinguishes her from other attorneys. She will attack the prosecution’s case through her motion-heavy practice to provide the best chance of a pretrial dismissal or plea agreement. She will also develop evidence in preparation for trial while searching for factors that may mitigate any potential sentences. By working all three angles simultaneously she dismantles the prosecution’s case from every front, while looking for every option to get you the best possible outcome. Attorney Anjum is also qualified for appointment in death penalty cases. She stays abreast of recent changes in the law and case law in order to use every possible avenue to fight for you. Toledo criminal Attorney Sarah Anjum is an aggressive litigator with an encyclopedic memory of the law and proven track record of success. If you have been accused of a drug crime, firearms and weapons offense, property crime, sex crime, or any other misdemeanor or felony charge, contact the Law Office of Sarah Anjum for a free consultation today.


Choosing the right attorney when you or a loved one is charged with the unthinkable can be an overwhelming task. You need an experienced advocate who can leverage the latest in forensic and investigative science to dismantle the prosecution’s case against you and obtain the best possible result. The stakes are too high to leave this to chance. Toledo criminal defense attorney Sarah Anjum will take the time to explain the process to you and include you in reviewing the State’s evidence. She leaves no stone unturned in investigating avenues to successfully defend you case.

Sex Crimes

When you or a loved one are under investigation for a sex offense, the best thing you can do is reach out to Toledo criminal defense attorney Sarah Anjum early in the process. Often, your prosecution and arrest can be completely avoided with the proper advocate on your team. If you are charged, attorney Sarah Anjum is experienced with defending even the most complicated of cases, using advanced investigative and trial techniques and, when appropriate, a team of experts. Sarah Anjum is a caring and thorough advocate who will ensure that you understand your case and your options and help you get the very best result possible.

Drug Crimes

Ohio has the second-highest rate of opioid overdose deaths in the United States. In an effort to curb these all-too-common and preventable deaths, the State is now aggressively charging drug offenses, essentially criminalizing addiction.

If you are charged with drug offenses and suffer from addition, you may be eligible for one of several treatment-based programs, possibly avoiding conviction altogether. In other cases, the arrest may be based upon evidence that will not hold up in court, or you may be completely innocent. Our office is experienced with assisting individuals with alternatives programs, drug court, and, of course, aggressively defending charges.

Common drug offenses include possession of controlled substances, drug manufacturing, trafficking in drugs, drug paraphernalia, possession with intent to sell, felony drug possession, and prescription drug charges.

Being convicted of a drug offense can also result in a driver’s license suspension, denial of the right to vote, and the inability to obtain professional positions within certain industries. Don’t become a casualty to the war on drugs. If you have been charged with a drug-related offense, it is important that you contact a defense attorney right away. Schedule a free consultation with Attorney Sarah Anjum today to discuss your options.

Firearms and Weapons Offenses

Ohio takes firearms and weapons offenses very seriously. Charges for firearms and weapons offenses can range from minor to very serious, and in many cases the State may attempt to use a firearms specification to add mandatory time to other offenses charges. Ohio prosecutes these charges aggressively, which can lead to a loss of freedom, fines, and the loss of gun rights. Conviction can result in fines ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. In addition to a potential fine and loss of freedom, you may also lose your gun rights and a conviction on such charges can impact your ability to maintain or obtain certain employment. Schedule a free consultation with Attorney Sarah Anjum today to discuss your options.

Property Crimes

Property crimes encompass a wide-variety of crimes related to the theft or destruction of someone else’s property. These crimes can range from low-level misdemeanor offenses, such as shoplifting, to high-level felonies, such as armed robbery. Common types of property crimes include arson, breaking and entering, criminal trespass, criminal mischief, burglary, robbery, and vandalism. Property crimes can be very confusing to navigate without the expertise of an experienced criminal defense attorney. There are numerous factors involved in property crimes that will determine the severity of the charges leveled against you. If you find yourself charged, or even under investigation, for a property crime, contact the Law Office of Sarah Anjum to schedule a free consultation today.

Diversion/Intervention in Lieu of Conviction

Diversion and intervention programs can be used in lieu (instead) of convictions. If you have been accused of a non-violent offense, you may qualify for a diversion or intervention program in lieu (instead) of prosecution. Diversion will stay (pause) your criminal proceedings while you are placed under supervision. Upon successful completion of the terms and conditions of supervision the criminal charges are dismissed. Intervention may be available for someone who was accused of a crime that was committed due to drug or alcohol use, mental health issues, or intellectual disabilities. If you qualify under intervention, a treatment plan may be substituted in place the place of prosecution. Upon successful completion of the intervention program, the case is dismissed. To see if you may qualify for a diversion or intervention program, contact Toledo areas criminal Attorney Sarah Anjum for a free consultation today.

The Consequences of Criminal Conviction on Immigration

Non-citizens who are charged with crimes may face consequences to their immigration status, even if not convicted of a crime. For this reason, our office recommends that you schedule a consultation early in the process so we can assist you in avoiding the many common pitfalls these sensitive scenarios entail. Certain common outcomes that may be advantageous for citizens, such as Intervention in Lieu of Conviction (IILC) may place you at risk for deportation.

During your consultation, we determine your current immigration status and evaluate whether the offense with which you are charged puts you at risk for deportation or inadmissibility. Specifically, we look at whether you are charged with a crime involving moral turpitude, a drug offense, multiple criminal offenses, prostitution or other commercial vice, drug trafficking, serious criminal activity, human trafficking, aggravated felonies, certain firearms offenses, domestic violence offenses, or violating a protective order. If so, our approach to you case may differ as we work to protect your status in the United States while fighting the charges against you.

You may have noted that the categories listed above do not have clear definitions in criminal law. The Immigration and Nationality Act governs deportation and inadmissibility and is not a criminal statute; therefore, we often must undertake legal research to determine how the USCIS is likely to view an offense in light of Ohio or Federal law. We are experienced in this highly specialized area of law.

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When we speak with potential clients, either on the phone or in person, our aim is to have to walk away with a better understanding of your case, the process, and your options. We are available 24/7 via phone, email, or text, and strive to return all messages within 24 hours. Sarah Anjum is a criminal defense lawyer serving Toledo and the surrounding counties. Reach out to us now.

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"Sarah was very easy to work with and listened to my concerns with my case. She definitely knows her stuff and if she has questions and unsure about something she seeks other attorneys opinion to make sure she’s not missing anything. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!" Tiffany S.
"Sarah is amazing. She is focused and does what she needs to for her clients. Sarah represented me for a minor traffic ticket for forgetting to register my truck as it was a lease. After explaining my situation to the prosecutor, the charge was dismissed." Cheyenne
"Miss Anjum did an excellent job for me. Showed me true compassion and concern for my legal issues. Highly impressed." Laura
"Sarah has been a shining light during a very difficult situation! Amazing attorney! Definitely a force to be reckoned with! Thank you for all that you do!" Kimberly B.
"Sarah is a great Attorney and has amazing communication. Throughout my process she has been very professional. If you are looking for an Attorney she is the one!" Katrina B.
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